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For the last fifteen years I’ve devoted my entire career to promoting Cosmetic and Implant dentistry. I’ve personally placed millions of dollars of advertising in print, television, and radio. But, our most effective tool continues to be the Internet. And our Smile Galleries are always the most highly viewed pages of our websites.

People are visual and want to see what cosmetic dentistry can do for them. But, the simple truth is that taking good quality before and after patient photographs is a low priority in most dental offices. (And using clinical photos of retracted smiles taken in the chair does more harm than good!) After reviewing hundreds of dental websites, this problem became increasingly clear. That is why there are so few truly good
Smile Galleries out there. To address this need my partner, Arturo R. Garcia, DMD (Austin, TX) and I have created a simple turnkey solution. There is no question that an extensive Smile Gallery of your own patients is the ideal solution. But until you have that ability, we offer you the “easy button” solution that puts a great Smile Gallery on your website now!

Kent McLeod
Director of Marketing